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Dj Sir Charles

Curator of VIBES. Purveyor of CULTURE. Respecter of ART.

Charles Sledge II also known as, Dj Sir Charles decided in 2005 that he would organize creatives from and around the Carolinas to establish a business. The purpose of Charles’s Creative Collective was to create expressive environments for new and seasoned artist alike to build relationships and dialogue in the design community. 

Family Friends of #NCDJSC will tell you stories of him performing the entire movie of Purple Rain in the living room. Charlie would be “The Purple One”, his cousin or sister’s girlfriends starred in the role tempting as eve’s apple. His fisher-Price toy bike, daddy’s golf clubs, and a vintage coffee table would set the Twin City scene and the 5th Ave stage. Reminiscent of earlier years, neighborhood friends narrate visions of Baby Charles crawling backwards to any song played off of the Thriller album. Road trips with his older Brother introduced artist like Bob Marley, Cameo, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Sade, Marvin Gaye, A Tribe Called Quest, Genesis and many many more. No words can truly describe the many facets of the Father/DJ Sir Charles, but if you know the Village that raised him then it all make sense.      

Over the years Sir Charles has imported over 35,000 songs, edits, and albums into his digital library. For over 10 + years Sir Charles’s enormous collection of timeless tunes has been curating sonically soothing sets perfect for, but not limited to: intimate patio gatherings, weddings, clubs, residential parties, retail in-stores, sporting events, and vast corporate productions. His Love for music, passion for curating, and crowd engagement enables him to deliver a unique party experience.Booking Requests